'Chill 3000'

By Drunk & Slip

Drunk and Slip is a painter, illustrator and street artist, originally from Lyon.
It immerses us in a bright, colorful and very 90's universe ! 
From walls to canvases, from paper to digital, he multiplies the media of creation, while being inspired by the travels that he has been able to realise.

Opening + Live Music with BILLSBRY

Wed 9 May 2018

....... Show running till 9 June .......

Every month a new artist is invited to showcase their beautiful artworks at the bar of The Corner House.

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Collaborative exhibition      'Nice Things'

By James Lesjak-atton & Edward Whitelock

Nice things is a collaborative exhibition which shall showcase a range of innovative and traditional ceramic pieces adorned with bright, playful and graphic paintings.

Opening + Live Music with BILLSBRY

Wed 21 Feb 2018

..... Show running till 21 March ......


'Line for a walk'

By Gill Cameron

Gill is fascinated by the fluid nature of watercolour and uses its unpredictable nature to encapsulate her sketches of the sea, pools and the beach, giving them depth and bringing them to life. Pushing boundaries in this medium, she tests herself and the ink by making it very liquid and uses it's spontaneity to produce a stunning range of unique works.. 

Opening + Live Music with BILLSBRY

Wed 20 Dec 2017

..... Show running till 20 February ......


'Aerial Seascapes'

By Chris Prestidge

Chris is inspired by the power of a photograph as not just a static image, but an emotional experience. 
His personal work reflects his love for the ocean, exploring seascapes, seaculture and people of diverse cultures. 
His aim is to capture the natural beauty and energy of the sea, as well as celebrate the lifestyle which surrounds the sea. Most photographs capture the shifting mood of dusk, where light and atmosphere have a certain magic. 

Opening + Live Music with BILLSBRY

Tuesday 14 Nov 2017

..... Show running till 20 December ......


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