Esmés music is reflective of the person she is; quiet and understated at first but full of intricacy and emotion the further you listen. Imagine a soundscape of stripped back beats, electro-acoustic guitar melodies and magnetic harmony. Esmé lures listeners in with a spellbinding tonal quality and a rhythmically entrancing sound.

Esmés unique approach to music and song writing can be attributed to her upbringing. She is one of eight children and was home schooled, mastering the art of independent learning at a young age, self taught in both voice and piano. She left school and home at the age of 16 and began performing in small cafes and bars in Northern Queensland, before moving to Sydney to pursue music full time.

Her long awaited debut single ‘Come with me’ was self released in December 2017, surprising the Sydney music scene with her understated sound. Esmé's second release 'I wonder' has seen her move into her own unique sound with hints of electro soul and broken beats. Produced by Nick Herrera, this track leaves you wanting for more and there is definitely more to come!